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Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Who:Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

What:Keyboardist, Arranger, Songwriter, Producer

Where:Los Angeles, CA

API Gear:API TranZformer GT

From the Street:

"I love API point blank!"

API recently caught up with legendary keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr while on tour with his longtime collaborator Beck at The Anthem in D.C. While discussing his current set up, which includes a pedal board similar to a guitar rig for his keyboard, Roger said he was looking for something that would help give him more consistency and round out his tone. After demoing a pair of API TranZformer pedals, the GT version was a perfect fit in a very unique application.

"I'm happy to report that the GT is going to meet my needs very well! Hooked it up with the rest of my pedal board and it's gonna be great!"
—Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

About Roger Joseph Manning Jr:

Best known as a founding member of Jellyfish, Imperial Drag and The Moog Cookbook, Roger Joseph Manning Jr has contributed to countless records as a keyboardist/arranger/producer during his career of over 25 years. A long-time friend and collaborator with Beck, he has also worked with a wide-range of artists like Green Day, Jay-Z, Cheap Trick, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kid Rock, Pink, Jason Mraz, and Sheryl Crow.

His first solo project in a decade, Glamping, was released May 18 through an extensive PledgeMusic campaign from his loyal fan-base. This four-song EP will coincide with the re-release of his first two solo offerings Catnip Dynamite (2009) and Land of Pure Imagination (2006) and will feature the carefully-crafted lush power pop goodness that his legions of fans have grown to love. Check it out here:

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