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Evan Taubenfeld

Who:Evan Taubenfeld

What:Vocals for The Black List Club (Warner). Guitar for Avril Lavigne (RCA). Executive Music Director, MTV. Songwriter / Producer for Big Evil Corporation.

Where:Los Angeles, CA

API Gear:512's, 550b's, 2500, Legacy Console

From The Street:

"We keep API lunchboxes with 512s, 550bs, and 525s around for writing sessions and demos, and then end up using those tracks frequently as masters. For the new record, I wanted a very specific sound, and I had made a bunch of recordings in the past that didn't have the punch and warmth that I've come to expect from the API gear. So when we hired [John] Fields and he told us that we'd be using Studio Wishbone in North Hollywood, we were obviously extremely excited about the fact that it had an API desk.

"We don't need to do anything with the sounds, just plug and play and it's already there. With Big Evil Corp. we try to supply all of our new writers/producers with a straight forward API lunchbox® setup. I can't think of anything as incredibly musical and versatile yet still affordable for anyone of any level to acquire. It gives them the tools they need for anything you can throw at them, and doesn't break the bank in the process."

About Evan Taubenfeld and Big Evil Corporation:

From 2001 through 2004, Taubenfeld was Music Director and Lead Guitarist for Avril Lavigne; he has been Co-writer with Lavigne since 2003. In 2004, he signed to Sire/Warner as a solo artist. He then founded the Black List Club in 2005, with the debut album produced by John Fields coming out this June on the Warner Brothers label.

More:; Band Myspace, Big Evil's Myspace
Contact: Twitter

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