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Monument Sound

Who:Chris Andrews, Mix Engineer/Producer, Studio Owner

What:Monument Sound

Where:Monument, CO

API Gear:3124mb+, 2500, 7800, 8200, 550b

From The Street:

"When I first got my acoustic treatment from Ready Acoustics, I thought that my mixes were great. Then I got the API summing system and it opened up an even larger world to my ears. I love the way the 8200's summing system gels my mixes together. Without it the analog warmth seems to just go away. I really like sending audio through metal, it just sounds better.

"With the upgrade to my HD3 accel system, all Apogee front end and the topper of the 16 channel API setup, you just cannot beat it. The punch, feel and music just come alive. With the 2500 Buss Compressor always talking in the chain and the 7800 summing back into Pro Tools via a Benchmark ADC-1, what else do you really need to get quality work and get it in clean? That's what API does for my client's material."

"My next big thing is to slowly get more mic pre's. I am on the prowl for a dual 10 space lunchbox® and already have the slots for it picked out on my console. I want to load it up with API's 550b's some 560's and then top it off with the 512c's as the key input. Cannot beat it; in your face PUNCH! I just really dig what API has done for my mixes and can't wait to get a few more pieces as the studio grows."

About Monument Sound:

Originally called TBR STUDIO in Virginia, owner and engineer Chris Andrews moved to Monument Colorado seeking a new beginning and a more relaxed life. After 7 years of being a studio owner, Chris has finally discovered his sound and it starts with API. Working with local, regional and indie labels around the globe, Monument Sound has what it takes to get the job done and done right.

More:; Facebook; Youtube
Contact: Phone: 719-375-5658; Twitter

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