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John Clark

Who:John Clark

What:Remixer, Producer, Writer, Performer

Where:Glasgow, Scotland

API Gear:512c, 550A, 525, lunchbox®

From The Street:

"I record in lots of different places, and have a couple of remixer clients in London, so need to transport gear. I needed some high quality mic pre's, DI's and EQ's that I could use for tracking for my large assortment of analogue synth, as well as guitars and vocals. As a lot of my work is done inside a MacBook Pro, I want to ensure that what's going in via the MOTU 828 is warm and packs a punch, instead of relying on plug-ins to do the basics.

"I generally stick with a chain of 512c-550A-525, with the EQ and compressor because they often require doing little or no work. There is just a very sweet tonal change going through them. I obviously make use of their more extreme settings, which make a huge difference when much more bite or body is needed, particularly on synth basses.

"It's unbelievable that you can carry this much audio power in a box by a small handle! Next I will either fill up another lunchbox with preamps, EQs and comps, or go for the rack option. The DSM system also sounds very tasty."

About John Clark:

John Clark started out in the band Bis, aged 16. He toured the world from 1996 to 2002, and wrote the theme tune for the Powerpuff Girls. Clark started Seven-A Recording in Glasgow in 2001 working with artists such as Mylo, Rezillos, Arab Strap and Slam. Over the last few years, he's done remixes with Linus Loves for artists as diverse as Justin Timberlake, Scissor Sisters, The Gossip, Mika, The Killers and Kelis.

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