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Chuck Treece

Who:Chuck Treece

What:Session Musician (Billy Joel, G Love, The Goats, McRad, Black Beans, Supergrub)

Where:Philadelphia, PA

API Gear:Consoles, 3124

From The Street:

"My world consists of music, family, my four kids, skateboarding, great healthy food and great tone... My first run in with API was through a studio owner named Mike Block out of Philly.. Mike had purchased Rick James' API console and also had an API console himself. I met Mike through Dave "Stiff" Johnson, who produced the first G Love record. Dave Johnson and I worked with the Nicolo brothers at Ruff House Records and did a bunch of great studio sessions. giving me some memories that I'll never ever forget...

"The first time I recorded through an API console I freaked on the exactness of the low end and the smoothness of the hi end. All of a sudden, API is all I wanted to record on for all my sessions and needless to say, I was and I'm still completely spoiled.

"It's amazing that a console can make or break a session.. Now it's the first thing I look at going into a big studio... Then I started to record out of my home studio and figured out that I was struggling for tone.. Another good friend and studio owner Tom Spiker thought that I should check out the API 3124 mic pre. Needless to say, I locked myself in my house for two weeks in a row and recorded and recorded and recorded.

"I was kick'n myself because of how many guitar amp changes, drum changes, guitar pick changes, vocal changes and bass changes I went through trying to get back to what I love about the API SOUND... from the first moment I hooked a mic up and dialed in my own tone through an API at home, I was blown out...

"SIMPLY PUT: API works anywhere. It's not about what you record or who you're recording. It's about the HOW to record. The best and truest test of that was when I took API home and recorded my dreams."

About Chuck Treece:

Chuck Treece is a session musician and professional skateboarder from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His credits include originating the band McRad, and remixing songs for such artists as Amy Grant and Sting. He played the bass line on Billy Joel's "The River of Dreams", has cameo drummed for Pearl Jam, and toured with Urge Overkill and Bad Brains.

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