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Blue Radio Recording

Who:Jon Lawrence

What:Blue Radio Recording

Where:Gahanna, OH

API Gear:A2D


After years of independent audio experience, Jon formalized his education at Ohio State University and then at the Recording Workshop. Blue Radio is a small, professional recording facility that specializes in singer/songwriters, solo artists and voiceover work. Jon's work has recently appeared on MTV's Laguna Beach and on several nationally distributed compilation CD's.

From The Street:

"When my recordings landed on Laguna Beach, I knew that I needed to take my studio to a more professional level. During the upgrade, I bought my first piece of API gear, the A2D, and was just blown away by the quality.

"This unit has the most captivating balance of sparkle and low-end thickness... something that I couldn't achieve with EQ."

Jon adds, "Recently I've been working with two of my favorite bands, Whetherman; an acoustic/folk duo, and Fatkid Dodgeball; a modern rock quartet. The A2D was completely at home on the stereo acoustic guitars on the Whetherman record.

"Next week, I'm looking forward to using the A2D on the kick and snare for some new Fatkid tracks. Great stuff, API."

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