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Who:Tommy Vaughan

What:Accomplished Trumpeter; numerous awards and recording projects; founder "Live Horns"

Where:Mississippi, USA

API Gear:A2D

From The Street:

"About a year ago I was looking to add to our pre-amp collection.

"I wanted something that would provide the highest quality sound, work well for different brass instruments, and one that could compete with any major studio gear on the planet.

"After shuffling through the different brands of pre-amps available, the API A2D was the obvious choice for us. The two channel A2D sounds amazing and it has its own built in converter. The front panel controls are simple to use and the connections are perfect for our studio setup.

"I've run trumpets, trombones, saxes, and flutes through API's A2D, and whatever runs through it always shines."

About Live Horns and Tommy Vaughan:

Tommy Vaughan is the founder of Formed in 2005, is a unique website that links musicians and producers around the world and allows virtually anyone to hire real studio musicians. By simply filling out a form and indicating what type of live horn section they want, clients can receive raw audio files, either arranged or from the client's chart, for download and use in audio editing software.

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: (228) 990-5784; Twitter

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