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Who:Alexis Bardinet

What:Mastering Engineer and Studio Owner

Where:Bordeaux, France

API Gear:5500

From The Street:

"At the opening of our main mastering suite, I was looking for an extra analog EQ. I already own a Manley and a Neuman, but I wanted an EQ with punch and character.

"The 5500 is a flexible piece of gear and quite amazing. It's very versatile; it can do either very subtle or heavy equalization, ultimately producing a great tone change on the song. I often use it on the low frequencies to add punch on the kick and warmth on the bass. I've always loved the API knobs, and of course a real hard bypass is a "must have" in mastering. It's a pleasure to work with such a musical weapon."

About Globe Audio Mastering:

Located in the famous Bordeaux region of southern France, Globe Audio Mastering's customers enjoy the benefits of a world-class mastering facility, all in the setting of warm, sunlit beaches and of course, excellent wine.

Although Globe's first suite was built when the company began in 1999, it was only in early 2005 (after several years of planning) that the "Big Mastering Suite" of Globe Audio opened its doors. This mastering studio offers some of the most sophisticated high end analog and digital equipment available. All connections are made using Audioquest pure silver cables with gold connectors, and Lavry gold converters. An extremely accurate monitoring system is provided, and the full acoustic treatment completes the suite, making it truly state of the art.

In both 2007 and 2008, Globe has mastered more than 180 albums, of which approximately twenty were foreign artists. Globe routinely works with Universal, Warner, Barclay, Wagram and Sony, along with artists such as Cocoon, Tahiti 80, Noir Desir, BB Brunes, Eric Stewart, 10cc, and many more.

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: +33 (0)5 57 95 61 39

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