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Green River Studio

Who:Tancredi Barbuscia

What:Artistic Producer, Audio Engineer and Studio Owner

Where:Varese, Italy

API Gear:API lunchbox®, 512c's, 550b's, 560, 2500

From The Street:

"I think that you have never heard an EQ, if you haven't tried the API's.

"The 560 sounds killer on the bass drum and it adds a punch and a definition on the highs that nothing can compare with it. The 550's on guitars are superb. They give you just what you need - it's unbelievable. When you are mixing guitars, you say mmm.. they are nice, very nice, but let's try to pass them through the 550b. Whoaa!! The magic is done. You'll never come back. I use them also for mastering; they can give you a color that no other EQ is capable of. The highs are ten thousand times more brilliant, without changing the balance of the mix.

"The 512c's are my first choice for tracking most of the stuff that I record. I love what they are able to give you on a Male Vocal, or on a kick or snare. I love them also on guitars, they can add beautiful harmonics that no other pre can give you.

"And what about the 2500? For tracking it's great to control the transients of the drums' overheads, or ambient microphones. On mixing, it's able to give you its best, like parallel compression, and adds tons of punch and definition on drums, but also on guitars and bass. I think it's the most versatile compressor on market. The 2500 is a beautiful compressor also for mastering; I use it just as a color in my works. If I don't use tape, I go directly to the buss compressor.

"I really love API's stuff. Guys, you have changed my work style. Thanks for everything."

About Green River Studio:

Green River Studio is located in the north of Italy, just 35 km from Milan and 20 km from Malpensa airport. The surrounding countryside is very quiet and relaxing, and a perfect place for artists who want a peaceful place to work.

Green River Studio was built in 2003 entirely by Tancredi Barbuscia, who wanted to create an environment with the highest quality and best known gear available, and offer it all at a reasonable price. Everything has been meticulously installed from the ground up. Since its inception in 2003, the studio has recorded more than 200 bands and artists, including The Fire, Continual Drift, Sinaesthetics, Luca M., and many more.

Contact: email:; phone: (+39) 333 3982908

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