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Michael Guy Chislett At Motherland Studios

Who:Michael Guy Chislett

What:Musician, Producer, Engineer

Where:Los Angeles, CA

API Gear:512cs, 550As, 550bs, lunchbox®, Waves API bundle

From The Street:

"I love API stuff and always have. Once I realized that the preamps and EQs are just as important to the overall sound as a guitar or effects pedals, I started to take real notice of API. It was through their gear that I found I had reached the ultimate tone. For me, a Gretsch White Falcon plugged into a 1960's Vox AC-30 is my favorite combination and the sound of a Royer 121 going through the 512c, then into the 550b, represents like no other.

"For the latest Hillsong United record, we used a pair of 512cs as a stereo input for our keyboards. Most of the guitars were done with a Royer 121/SM57 combination into the 512c/550b and the 512c/550a respectively. The smooth qualities of the 550A were perfect for vocals. I recorded acoustic guitars for a few of the tracks at my house in the lounge room. One night I brought my Lunchbox home and knocked out the songs in no time by running an AKG 414 into the 512c/550b into the Apogee Duet. They sound amazing."

About Michael Guy Chislett

Originally from Australia, Michael Guy Chislett moved to Los Angeles, California, in early 2003. After playing guitar in some local bands, he met up with renowned producer-singer-songwriter Butch Walker. Soon after, Chislett found himself not only touring in Walker's band but also working closely with him in the studio on a variety of projects. When Walker produced Chicago rockers The Academy Is...'s album Santi in 2006, Chislett was invited to join the band. Chislett recently finished producing what will be his third album for the band Hillsong United, the Australian group he has played guitar in since he was a teenager.

In 2007, Chislett partnered with long-time friend Bradley Hanan Carter of Steriogram and Pistol Youth to build their own studio in Los Angeles. The name they chose, Motherland Studios, was picked as a tongue-in-cheek reference to their Australian and New Zealand heritage. Because of Chislett and Carter's hectic touring schedules, the studio's physical location has changed numerous times. The gear, however, has more or less remained the same. Within the last few years, Motherland Studios has recorded many artists including The Academy Is... for the EP Lost in Pacific Time and the band's cover of "Fox on the Run," which appears on the "When in Rome" movie soundtrack.

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