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Road Runner Studios

Who:Rob Maletick

What:Musician, Producer

Where:Leesburg, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee

API Gear:A2D, 550A, 560, 2500

From The Street:

"I use the 550A and 550b for drums and sax. I use the 560 and the 2500 for drums and the stereo bus with fantastic results. When tracking, I like to get a clean, full, upfront sound from the equipment. I don't usually want to change the tone of what is being recorded and API preamps are the perfect mix between the "clean" and "colored" personality pre-amps.

"I have the A2D here with me in Virginia and use it daily. The pre is perfect for getting the sounds I like, and the converter in there is very serious. It blows away other converters I have used in terms of headroom and presence. I could go on for hours about how valuable this piece of gear is to me—there seems to be a need for API in every situation."

About Road Runner and Rob Maletick:

Road Runner Studios was created by professional saxophonist Rob Maletick to record his personal efforts when he was not working on tracks for C.A.R. Records, the Inspirational Jazz label under which he has released four records. A graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory, Maletick has opened shows for the Neville Brothers, Donnie McClurkin, Spyro Gyra and Shirley Ceasar and has performed for Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Maletick's home-based studio in Virginia is capable of mobile Pro Tools recording, overdubbing and general tracking, and is the location that acts such as Youthful Spirits, No Compromise and 4tified have previously chosen to have their tracks mixed. Road Runner Studios also has a component in music-central Nashville, Tennessee — engineer Nathan Zwald. Currently, Zwald is performing the bulk of Road Runner Studios tracking projects, though he does also travel to Virginia on occasion.

While Maletick's own musical style usually lies in Inspirational Jazz, Road Runner Studios works with a wide-range of musical styles including Gospel, Country, Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Classical. With a desire to "bring out" the elements that make each artist unique, Road Runner Studios approaches every project with fresh ears and an open mind.

Contact: email:; phone: 703-867-3224

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