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Who:Bart Rose

What:Recording Engineer, Producer

Where:Fort Worth, TX

API Gear:1608 console, lunchboxes®, 512cs, 550bs, 527s

From The Street:

"I had been hearing about API products from my recording peers for years. Last year, I decided to try four of the 512cs with a six-space lunchbox. These pres are amazing. I love to use them on drums, bass and guitars. The sound is warm, but not mushy, and crisp, but not harsh.

"This year, I purchased another lunchbox. Fort Worth Sound now has four 550b EQs and two 527 compressors. The EQs are very precise with plenty of usable frequencies to choose from and are good tools for sculpting drums and guitars. I also love the sound of the 527.

"The layout and functionality took some getting used to, but now that I've figured it out the 527 is killer sounding. It's great for squishing drum room mics and is very sweet sounding on acoustic guitar with just the smallest amount of compression. Really, you don't even need any compression happening to enjoy the sonic effects that this box imparts on the audio.

"There's just something magical about running an audio signal through the 527."

About Forth Worth Sound and Bart Rose

For the last 22 years, Bart Rose has been recording and mixing audio. Although he engineers and produces many genres, Rose is an expert in working on rock and country music. He currently spends most of his time at the Texas-based Fort Worth Sound, which specializes in recording and mixing projects for bands, singers, songwriters and voiceover talent. Housing two recording studios, Fort Worth Sound provides both the facilities and the staff to help artists create great-sounding demos and full-length albums. Studio A serves as the main room for recording and mixing whereas Studio B is available for any additional recording or mixing, audio editing and even vinyl and cassette to CD transferring.

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Contact: email:; phone: 817-922-5444; Twitter

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