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Greenjeans Studios

Who:Carter Green

What:Lead Engineer, Producer

Where:Wichita, KS

API Gear:3124+

From The Street:

"The API 3124+ gave me that elusive 'console sound' that I had been searching for. On bass, it trumps my Avalon, and on drums—wow. That gutsy midrange punch is definitely there. It's exactly what you would expect from a true classic preamp.

"It's character matched with precision. Modern digital recordings sorely lack richness of sonic character, which API provides in a really musical way. We recently did a blind A/B 'taste test' at the studio and my clients consistently chose the APIs over many other classic preamps. It just hits your ears—and your DAW—in those 'feel-good' frequencies. Hard to describe, but instantly recognizable: that's what we're after."

About Greenjeans Studios:

Lead Engineer/Producer Carter Green has worked in professional audio for more than 15 years. A graduate of the University of Chicago in 1997, Green holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition, theory and production. In 1999, he opened Greenjeans Studios in Wichita, Kansas, which offers modern facilities, trained and experienced engineers and a fun, relaxed environment. Greenjeans provides recording, mixing, production, full music instrumentation services as well as a top-notch mastering lab. Mixes from Greenjeans Studios have appeared on ABC, CBS, MTV and the WB feature programming, and he recently made an appearance on NPR's "A Prairie Home Companion."

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: 620-326-5326

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