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Who:Doug McBride

What:Producer, Mastering Engineer

Where:Chicago, Illinois

API Gear:550b, 525

From The Street:

"We basically have two separate businesses going on here—one recording studio and one mastering studio. The mastering room is so accurate that I can really hear the subtle characteristics of each piece of gear. While I've used API equipment in the mixing room for years, I'm really looking forward to checking the 5500 EQ.

"I've found this 500 series frenzy to be quite fun. I get bored using the same gear for a long time, so swapping stuff out keeps things fresh. I've really been digging my 525 compressors. They're quirky but sound really unique and I love them on kick, bass and even clean guitars. Like most of my favorite comps, the 525's tone-shaping capabilities are as cool as their gain reducing ability. With all of this 500 series stuff, I may end up with a 1608 one of these days!"

About Gravity Studios and Doug McBride

An industry veteran of 20 years, Doug McBride has worked with a wide variety of artists as a producer (Rachael Yamagata, The Walkmen, Fall Out Boy, Ben Kweller, Frogpond, Jack's Mannequin), recording-mixing engineer and mastering engineer (The Aluminum Group, Andrew Belle, Aiden). After spending three years at the Chicago Recording Company, McBride opened Gravity Studios in 1993. Since then, he has guided the studio through a "David Bowiesque" myriad of formats and identities—from Mackie/ADAT to Neve 8058/Struder 827 to his current hybrid system of recording with Protools HD and mixing to an Ampex ATR-102. In 2005, McBride expanded Gravity Studios by opening a mastering room where he has been spending the majority of his time ever since.

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: 773-862-1880

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