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Soundbaker Studios

Who:Rob Agostini

What:Engineer, Producer

Where:Perth, Western Australia

API Gear:2500, 3124+s

From The Street:

"The API 2500 is my favorite compressor on the mix-buss for rock and I'm constantly finding new ways to use it while I'm tracking. It's a versatile unit and I enjoy exploring its diverse range of sounds on different sources.

"The 3124+ is another winning unit that has never let me down—I use mine in every record I make. I've been using the 3124+ mic pres for years on drum overheads and acoustic guitars with ribbon mics. I really like how fast they are and that the transients remain intact. They are definitely a staple at Soundbaker."

About Soundbaker:

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Soundbaker Studios is operated by engineer and producer Rob Agostini. In his 12 years of working in the recording industry, Agostini has recorded and produced numerous artists who have achieved high-rotation on commercial radio and TV stations throughout the world. Agostini has worked with a wide-range of musical styles and influences including jazz, acoustic rock, pop and electronica. At Soundbaker Studios, Agostini offers expertise in shaping tracks with the right sounds and works closely with songwriters who require a "producer's ear" for their material. Soundbaker Studios provides both a modern and relaxing workspace and a collection of high-end equipment in order to ensure that all musical projects can achieve their full potential.

More:; Facebook; Soundcloud
Contact: Email:; phone: (+61) 411 336 944

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