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Who:Ben Mumphrey

What:Studio Manager, Engineer

Where:Bogalusa, LA

API Gear:560s, 512cs, 3124+, 500V

From The Street:

"When I began running Studio in the Country and I noticed there was no API gear, acquiring some was among my first requests to studio owner Debbie Farmer, which she kindly granted. I don't think I've done one tracking session since [then] without using either the 512cs or the 3124+, especially on kick drums, rack and floor toms.

"The 512c is virtually incomparable when it comes to headroom and clarity. In conjunction with the 560 EQ it's hard to beat for most of my drum tracks. Also, the modular design of the 500 series is brilliant, enabling both commercial studio owners and independent artists with small budgets to have well-built, killer-sounding pro-grade equipment that isn't enormous or too costly."

About Studio in the Country:

Founded in 1973, Studio in the Country has a rich history. It was built by recording engineer William S. "Bleu" Evans, designed by Tom Hidley of Westlake Audio and has been home to many big-name recording artists including Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett and Blues Traveler. In fact, the Kansas hits "Carry on Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind" were both recorded at Studio in the Country. Manager and engineer Ben Mumphrey came to the studio in 2007, having much professional experience himself; Mumphrey has engineered Anders Osborne, Andre Williams and the New Orleans Hellhounds, The Breeders and Let's Go Sailing. He has also worked as an exclusive engineer for Frank Black (the Pixies) and has mixed tracks for B.B. King, Olu Dara and The Twilight Singers.

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: (985) 735-8224

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