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Who:Lenny Bosh

What:Studio Owner, Musician, Songwriter

Where:Coventry, Connecticut

API Gear:3124s, 5500

From The Street:

"I have always been into music, and being the owner of a successful manufacturing company has allowed me the time and fiscal possibility of having a nice studio. When I started building my studio it took on many forms, but ultimately we were able to have all top gear, which of course includes API. We have a great microphone collection and, really, someone might only rival us by having more of what we already have. Our relationships with manufacturers like Taylor Guitars, Telefunken USA and API have allowed us to really understand the equipment we use.

"I trusted everything Greg Dicrosta suggested to me when building the studio, including to bring in API equipment. We use it any time we need a good rock sound but have also found it very useful across the board. The quick response also lends API pres to be great for drums—they give a really tight snare and drum sound."

About Sound of Fury Studios:

Located on more than 100 acres of lush forest in Coventry, Connecticut, Sound of Fury Recording Studios is a small, privately owned and operated facility. With a name inspired by author William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury," Sound of Fury Recording Studios functions on the policy of choosing projects based on more than money, genre and popularity. Instead, the company prefers mature clients who have good songs, though welcomes both professional and amateur artists. The studio has recorded a number of local musicians, many of which have an affinity toward a "folky" style of acoustic guitar and vocals as the company's equipment provides a great fit for that style. Such artists include Damone, L.A. Mob, Mike Woods and Alicia Witt.

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