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Chillhouse Studios

Who:Eric Welsh

What:Studio Co-Owner, Chief Engineer

Where:Boston, Massachusetts

API Gear:5500, 2500, lunchbox®, 512cs

From The Street:

"I was really pleased that the 5500 incorporates two range switches. The ability to apply a less dramatic EQ scale is extremely useful and I have been using the 5500 with the x.25 range setting for mastering on a regular basis.

"On the 2500 I like to explore the sonic differences with the variable link setting and use it on a mix bus or even for some mastering. The difference of the definition in the treble/high-mid frequencies as the linking function is moved to a lower percentage is a great listening and learning exercise.

"The 5500 and 2500 are basically secret weapons for my drum mix bus. There are so many sonic colors available with this combination that I will typically print my drum mix into my session so that I can use them for additional tracks. The 5500 is also an incredible tool for mixing vocals."

About Chillhouse Studios and Eric Welsh:

Eric Welsh is the studio co-owner, along with Will Holland, and chief engineer at Chillhouse Studios, a Boston-based facility that offers professional recording, mixing and mastering services. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Welsh worked as a major participant in the start-up business DiscLive, Inc.—one of the first operations to record live concert CDs that were made available for immediate distribution after the show. Welsh left DiscLive, Inc. in 2004 to concentrate on another post-concert distribution company called TheShow and to work at Chillhouse Studios. Boasting a wide-array of professional audio equipment, Chillhouse Studios also offers post-production services for film and music composition. Talent that has worked with the staff at Chillhouse Studios includes Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) with the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Fall Out Boy, the Pixies and Dead Can Dance.

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