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Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering

Who:Lane Gibson

What:Studio Owner, Engineer

Where:Charlotte, Vermont

API Gear:550As, 560bs, 512cs, 3124+

From The Street:

"I use a variety of API products every day. My 'go to' vocal signal path includes both the 512c and the 550A. Even without EQ the 550A just makes things sound better. The 3k boost is not harsh at all and a couple of decibels often makes a vocal 'sit' just right in a dense mix.

"The 560b I find particularly useful for EQing when I mic upright bass. It allows for really nice and subtle tone sculpting. The upper frequencies, not just the lower, are very important to upright bass as they are the key to the articulation of the pizzicato pluck. The 560b just puts the right somethin' somethin' on the top and bottom.

"I love the convenience of having both metering and the Hi-Z quarterphone input on the front of the 3124. AC ground lifts and inserts on each channel are a bonus! It has also been very reliable."

About Lane Gibson:

Lane Gibson began engineering in 1990 after spending 22 years working as a professional musician. He came to the studio of what is now Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering in 1993, taking over ownership in May 2009. The studio, which is located in the Green Mountains in Charlotte, Vermont, is made up of spacious yet intimate rooms to enable smooth workflow. Lane Gibson Recordings houses vintage and modern recording equipment as well as various instruments including a Yamaha C-7 grand piano. With much attention to detail, the studio strives to exceed expectations and to successfully express client visions.

More:; Facebook
Contact: Email:; phone: (802) 425-3508

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