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Lofish Recording Studios

Who:Walter Fischbacher (Studio Owner), Chris Gilroy (Engineer)

Where:Manhattan, New York

API Gear:8MX2

From The Street:

"The 8MX2 packs a punch for the price point! The pres sound great and are flexible on a wide range of instruments, including our Yamaha C7 piano. It works great at expanding the studio set up and takes up little room. It's a staple here at Lofish!"

—Walter Fischbacher, Owner

"I use the 8MX2 on every drum tracking session I do at Lofish. They are super flexible and punch through on the kick and snare. These pres also add a nice color on acoustic guitars, especially paired with a ribbon mic. A great thing about these little guys is that they don't clutter up the mix by adding too much color. Thumbs up!"

—Chris Gilroy, Engineer

About Lofish Recording Studios:

Lofish Recording Studios prides itself on its dedication to artists and to making the studio feel just like home. Nestled right in the heart of New York City, Lofish Recording Studios offers some of the best rates for top-notch service from a dedicated team of experienced engineers. The centerpiece of the facility is the multi-booth Studio A, which features a Yamaha C7 piano. Lofish Studios also offers Studio B, which is perfect for pre- and post-production, overdubs and vocal editing. Founded in 1998 by Austrian jazz musicians Elisabeth Lohninger and Walter Fischbacher, Lofish Recording Studios has recorded both local and international talent including Cindy Lauper, Nellie McKay, Slide Hampton and Roy Ayers.

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: (212) 696-1355

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