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Who:Oliver Chesler

What:Singer, Songwriter (The Horrorist)

Where:Manhattan, New York

API Gear:lunchbox®, 512c, 527

From The Street:

"If you record vocals, you have to have a great mic pre. The 512c brings my voice from somewhere low behind the speakers directly into the center of my brain. It's an ear-opening experience the first time you switch from a simple audio interface and a chain of plugins to a 512c. My voice just sounds awesome with no effort, no plugins.

"I permanently patched the 512c and 527 through my audio interface. Using Ableton Live, I can send any channel be it an external instrument or software plug-in out to the lunchbox and back again. Honestly, everything sounds better shooting through the lunchbox and back. You can smash drum machines and make any synth raspy.

"I love it."

About Oliver Chesler and Things to Come:

Located in an apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan is Things to Come Records, the home studio of Oliver Chesler. A singer-songwriter better known as The Horrorist, Chesler founded his studio in 1996 originally in Chelsea, New York, to record personal projects as well as other artists' endeavors. Chesler works primarily within the Indie Electronic genre with fully developed verses and songs, though some have categorized his music as Synthpunk or EBM (Electronic Body Music). Making music for more than 20 years, Chesler hopes to purchase a single family home in the near future where he can convert either the garage or basement to a full-fledged recording space.

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