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Will Cohen

Who:Will Cohen

What:Sound Designer, Composer

Where:London, United Kingdom

API Gear:A2D

From The Street:

"Since I first came into contact with API, I have known it to be a 'go to' for preamps I can trust to give the sound I want. After some time working at a big post-production studio in London, which only had inferior preamps to hand, I knew that when I turned freelance the first part of my recording chain would have the API badge on it!

"I use the A2D for anything ranging from a clean voiceover to nice and crunchy overheads on a kit. The amount of gain available is immense—the 2:1 switch is killer when I need that extra bit of bite, and the digital converter is as clean as a whistle."

About Will Cohen:

Since leaving a large London recording facility a few years ago, Will Cohen has been working as a freelance sound designer and composer out of his home studio. His setup consists of classic synths, outboard equipment and microphones, controllers and various instruments, with Dynaudio 5.1 monitoring at the end of the chain. His main studio computer also houses a number of plugins and music/fx libraries. As a freelancer, Cohen records mostly his own work, including electronic music and sound effects for TV advertisements. He has also worked with session musicians such as guitarist Leo Abrahams, drummer Nick Smalley, bluegrass violinist Kate Robinson and trumpeter Joe Auckland. Having already been involved in the audio industry for 10 years, Cohen hopes to keep up his challenging work when he moves to a new home in the near future.

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