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Prashant Aswani

Who:Prashant Aswani

What:Producer, Recording Artist, Composer, Guitarist

Where:North Hollywood, California

API Gear:512c, 527, 550b, 560

From The Street:

"I recorded 'Sonically Speaking' using API pres for all of the instruments. The tones are very warm without being muddy, and the API pres have the perfect color I'm looking for in the mid-to-upper-mid range. The pres' response and ability to capture inflections is truly brilliant. All my harmonics ring through on guitars, and the 512cs are incredibly versatile. When I use it on drums and bass the sound is very punchy, and all articulations and snap that you hear in the live room comes through.

"The API EQs are also brilliant, especially for guitars. I like the 550bs for notching my guitar tones when mixing. I recommend API gear to any serious musician who records albums. Further, API gear can also make a home studio sound pro!"

About Prashant Aswani:

Writing music since he was 13 years old, Prashant Aswani has been recording audio for almost as long. Starting with a four-track, Aswani eventually advanced to making professional albums. In 2008, he created his own three-room production space. In his time as a musician, Aswani has worked in numerous genres, performing and recording with Justin Timberlake and Christina Milian. He recently released his third solo album, "Sonically Speaking," under Lakeshore Entertainment/Records. "Sonically Speaking," which is an instrumental guitar album, uses many Indian influences such as the tabla—a pair of different sized hand drums.

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