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Michael Janas at Belmont University

Who:Michael Janas

What:Audio Engineering Technology Instructor, Director of Recording Studio Operations

Where:Nashville, Tennessee

API Gear:2500, 550, 550A, 550b, 560b

From The Street:

"The API console at RCA Studio B is a primary teaching console for our basic multi-tracking class, Audio Engineering 1. In addition to the original 550 and 550A onboard equalizers, we have also installed two new 550b and two new 560b equalizers onboard to teach the use of graphic equalizers and to demonstrate audible differences in equalizers when used on a single source.

"API equipment has a classic, recognizable timbre, due in no small part to the API 2520 op amp. I have found that having three styles of equalizers installed on one desk is very helpful in teaching students how to critically listen to the differences between the EQs in how they operate and in their timbre. Because it has controls for the threshold, ratio, attack and release, the 2500 compressor is an excellent teaching tool for dynamic processing."

About Michael Janas and Belmont University:

An engineer and producer for more than 20 years, Michael Janas has worked with acts such as BR5-49, Jason and the Scorchers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Currently, Janas is a collegiate instructor and the director of recording studio operations in the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business at Belmont University. The college's Audio Engineering Technology program focuses on "the art, science and practical application of audio engineering" and teaches core academic principles such as applied mathematics, physics and hearing science. Both Rolling Stone and Time Magazine have ranked the college as one of the top music business schools in the United States.

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