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Independent Mastering

Who:Eric Conn

What:Mastering Engineer

Where:Nashville, Tennessee

API Gear:5500, 2520 Line Amplifiers

From The Street:

"We're really passionate about quality audio at Independent Mastering and we're devoted to music. API helps us maintain a level of audio integrity with our art in this growing world of 'chip' technology. We use API discrete amplifiers in custom configurations, and we use API EQs in our signal path. Our newest addition is a 5500 dual equalizer. It's versatile, it sounds great, and best of all, it's discrete!"

About Eric Conn:

Eric Conn's career in the recording industry spans across 18 years and includes mastering albums from a wide range of genres such as folk, hard rock, gospel, rap and bluegrass. Currently, Conn serves as chief mastering engineer at Independent Mastering, a company he began in 2001 located in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is made up of a full-service CD mastering lab that features a custom discrete analog console, custom tube and solid state EQs and compressors as well as a wide variety of stock and modified outboard gear. In his time at Independent Mastering, Conn has worked on tracks for artists such as Garth Brooks, John Prine, Skid Row and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

More:; Facebook
Contact: email:; phone: 615-425-0739; Twitter

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