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Who:Frankie Jimenez

What:Studio Owner, Mixer, Musician

Where:Riverside, California

API Gear:512bs, 512cs, 525, 527, lunchbox®

From The Street:

"I mostly record and mix alternative rock music, so the obvious choice for recording drums, percussion and electric guitars is the API 512 mic pre. My first experience using API gear was with two 512bs using 2520 op amps. I immediately loved the sound, so naturally, I bought two 512cs to fill up the lunchbox. They really added a different color palette to the studio's other equipment.

"I also wanted versatility in hardware dynamic processing, so I purchased the 525 compressors and a 527 compressor/limiter. They have awesome variable dynamic control and color and are amazing for vocals, bass and keys. I really dig analog hardware that offers more bang for the buck and the 525 and 527 are no exceptions—they offer features for days and an unmistakable sound that's worth its weight in gold!

"What else can I say? There's just something magical and rewarding when I run audio through my API hardware that puts a smile on my face, period."


Frankie Jimenez has been producing demos and playing keyboards for Christian Rap, Alternative and Rock groups since 1991. While working as a sound technician for Harvest Christian Fellowship in 2002, Jimenez developed skills for live mixing that carried him through future projects, including recording voiceovers for video broadcasting and program editing for radio broadcasting. In early 2007, Jimenez opened Hilltree Studio in his home, where he has since recorded acts such as The Reign, Hilary Watson, Jackie Solano (of Claimed Hearts) and Sam Mercado (former lead guitarist of A.D.D.).

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