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Digi Sound Studios

Who:L. Baba Prasad

What:Studio Owner, Musician, Engineer

Where:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

API Gear:lunchbox®, 512cs

From The Street:

"I dreamed about getting the highest-quality mic pre for my studio for quite some time since today's digital world is missing pure analog warmth. When I saw the API stand at PALME India in Mumbai this year, I knew I couldn't resist; as soon as I heard the 'API sound' I was too impressed!

"I finally purchased the API lunchbox with six 512c mic preamps to use for capturing live instruments. I run all of my mics to the 512cs and directly to my digital interface and the sound is just stunning. I can even hear the difference with my dynamic microphone—the sound is brilliant!

"There are no words to fully express the excellence of API gear."

About Digi Sound and L. Baba Prasad:

L. Baba Prasad opened his recording and mixing facility, Digi Sound Studio, in July 2003 and has since recorded a number of Indian dance, classical and rock acts. The building, constructed only of the highest-quality acoustic materials, was designed by famed sound engineer and studio consultant S.L. Balaji. Digi Sound Studio consists of a control room, a vocal room and a live room for orchestras. When Prasad is not recording professional artists, he conducts workshops on audio recording techniques for students and up-and-coming musicians. He is proud to own the first lunchbox in India sold through API dealer Ansata.

Contact: email:; phone: (919)884-145-966

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