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Who:Blair Sinta

What:Studio Owner, Producer, Engineer, Drummer, Writer

Where:Glendale, California

API Gear:312s, 560, lunchbox®

From the Street:

"My introduction to recording gear was through API. My 312s were the first ever mic pres I bought back when I started with a DIGI 001 and I'm still using them today. In fact, I built my studio around them over the last 10 years. They are the foundation of my drum sounds — kick, snare and toms — and they are my 'go-to' mic pres for every other instrument. I've never had a problem with any of my API gear in the course of 10 years and a lot of use. That says a lot for the craftsmanship and construction of these products.

"The lunchbox is the latest API addition to my studio along with the 560 graphic EQs. I usually run bass drum and snare through these. They are wonderfully easy to use. Acoustic and electric guitar, vocals and bass all end up going through my 560s. I also like to use them to get very extreme, 'effecty' sounds, whether through a mono mic on drums or tweaking an electric guitar with fuzz or distortion on it. As my studio does not have a ton of space, I love the 500 series and definitely plan on filling up the rest of my lunchbox with API goodies."

About Blair Sinta:

Donkey Den is a small home studio owned by drummer Blair Sinta, who can be heard playing on albums by artists such as Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morissette. Sinta uses the space mainly to record his own drum tracks but also to record other bands, film scores and jingles. Most of his drum collection resides at the studio, providing a big advantage for him and for other drummers who spend some time at Donkey Den. The studio also features a fairly classic mic collection and has "a great sound for its compact space."

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