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Who:DJ Sumantri

What:Producer, Engineer, Studio Owner

Where:Jakarta, Indonesia

API Gear:lunchbox®, 527s, 525, 550A SW Edition

From the Street:

"We'd upgraded the studio in July with a brand new API rack system and filled it with all the goodness that API offered, which made for a more much interesting recording/mixing experience. This was the first opportunity I had to use API products, and I must say that it was a very impressive experience.

"The 525 and 550A EQs rocked my vocals, and the 527 compressor worked just as well. Prior to API EQs I was experiencing such harsh high frequencies, but the 525 and 550A cured them all. It was as if they fell out of the sky to fix the specific tracks that I applied them to. I've used these EQs on the vocal tracks of almost all of my recent productions. The 525's de-esser works wonders, and it's been rock-solid on the compressor side as well.

"I am still experimenting and getting to know them, but so far I have nothing but good reactions using the API product; I'm definitely considering expanding to another set of 500 series processors on the rack in the years ahead."

About DJ Sumantri:

DJ Sumantri is the proud owner of LivingRoom Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has worked with multiple artists in the dance, hip hop, R&B and pop music genres including John Digweed, Darren Emmerson and Sasha. A full-fledged producer and engineer, DJ Sumantri opened LivingRoom Studio in 2004 to use for both commercial and personal recordings, and designed it to resemble the living room of his Boston, Massachusetts, household for a "feels like home" atmosphere. According to DJ Sumantri, the atmosphere allows clients to be extremely creative and to enjoy experimenting with the studio's software plugins, preamps and mics. His recordings and productions can be found on a number of labels including Universal Music Malaysia and Sony Music Indonesia.

More: SoundCloud
Contact: Krisna at +628161463386;; Studio Twitter; Artist Twitter

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