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Who:Steve Honest

What:Owner, Engineer

Where:London, England

API Gear:512cs, 527s, 550bs, 560s, 2500

From the Street:

"I'm in love with my APIs. The 527s give me the best of API's compression in both 'old' and 'new' styles and were amazing value purchases. Personally, I believe that the 560 is vastly underrated and overlooked here in Europe — I love that EQ. I can get sweet vocals and acoustic guitar sounds, and I really love it for bass. I particularly like to use it for my live radio show.

"The 550b is just right there all the time. It has lovely open character and is a favorite of mine for snares, vocals and electric guitars — particularly the loud ones! And the 2500 — there isn't enough space here for me to tell you everything I like about that stereo compressor. I use the 2500 everywhere — drums bus, vocal bus, 2 bus — I could carp on for hours about how flexible, punchy and sweet this unit is."

About Steve Honest:

During his career as a session pedal steel guitarist, engineer and studio owner, Steve Honest has worked with artists such as Culture Club, Billie Ray Martin and Dave Stewart, as well as many up-and-coming local bands. Honest founded Rock of London studio three decades ago to record "any and all" genres and is located in the Hoxton area of the city.

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