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Pyramid Recording Studio

Who:Todd Hemleb (Owner, Head Engineer) and Annie Halo (Assistant Engineer)

Where:New York, New York

API Gear:Vintage API console with 525s, 550As

From the Street:

"Our custom API console has made every single person who's ever walked into our room very happy. As the music industry continues to change and evolve, our goal is to give people a place to work that makes it easy to get the job done. Most importantly, we strive to give our clients access to some of the biggest, richest sounds throughout the history of recording. To us, API is the catalyst of this process and the key to that analog warmth. Not everyone can necessarily describe it, but when they come to us they can be sure they'll know it when they hear it."
—Todd Hemleb

"I love working in this room. For me, it's been the best introduction to the recording industry that I could've ever asked for. Out of every console I've had the opportunity to work with and learn about, our API console is absolutely my favorite. Every session I work on at Pyramid, I find something new to enjoy about the console. I love the EQs on it; they're intuitive to use, they sound incredible and they're so precise. API really is that good. I can't speak highly enough of their gear — from their design philosophy to the sound itself. It's been so cool to be a part of Pyramid Recording Studios and to have a chance to share this beautiful console with everyone who comes in here to record and mix."
—Annie Halo

About Pyramid Recording Studio:

Located in the Herald Square area of Manhattan, Pyramid Recording Studios was founded in 1976 by owner and head engineer Todd Hemleb. Pyramid Recording's vintage look and feel along with its array of both vintage and modern equipment has attracted clients such as Al Green, Lou Reed, Capitol Records and even Time Warner and Nike. At the center of the studio's vintage theme sits a classic, 32-channel, custom-built API console from 1973 that was originally housed at the Seattle studio Bad Animals. According to Hemleb, Pyramid Recording strives to provide a comfortable and productive environment for clients in all genres and recording industries.

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