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Tapeworks Inc.

Who:Doug Kupper (President), Bill Ahearn (Chief Engineer), Chris Lennie (Engineer)

Where:Hartford, Connecticut

API Gear:lunchbox®, multiple 550A and 527 modules

From the Street:

"We were curious about the API modules but were apprehensive because some of our favorite 'go-to gear' was already in place. However, once we did our first project using the API lunchbox (with the 550As and the 527s installed), we were hooked!

"The thing that we like most about having the lunchbox (either as the front end of a DAW or running out of the box for a mix) is its size and portability; we can bring it out to a remote recording or to any of the rooms in our studio. I love being able to swap out any of the 500 series modules, but in particular, having a 550A EQ in line with a 527, in my opinion, is one of the best-sounding analog signal paths out there."

About Tapeworks Inc.:

Located halfway between Boston and New York City, Tapeworks Inc. has been providing a multitude of recording services to its clients over the past 35 years including music and radio production, video post-production, video game audio recording and automatic dialog replacement. Tapeworks Inc. has worked with musicians such as Tori Amos and The Wallflowers as well as actors Tracey Ullman, Brian Dennehy and Brian Cranston.

More:; Facebook
Contact: 860.522.5997;; Twitter

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