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EastSide Sound

Who:Marc Urselli

What:Chief House Engineer, Studio Manager

Where:New York City

API Gear:3124, 560, lunchbox®, and multiple 512c modules

From the Street:

"We love our API gear. We use our 512c to record our Steinway piano with Neumann mics in Studio A and we use two 512c units in a lunchbox to record vocals and overdubs in Studio B. We also have a four-channel 3124+ preamp unit that we use to record anything and everything in Studio A. The API sound perfectly matches and complements that of our analog console—it's the great American sound!"

About EastSide Sound:

Founded and built in 1972 by engineer Lou Holtzman, EastSide Sound resides in the heart of the Lower East Side of New York City. EastSide Sound's four resident producer/engineers—Holtzman, Fran Cathcart, Marc Urselli and Eric Elterman—have worked on numerous gold, platinum and Grammy Award winning albums. The group's credits include artists such as Les Paul, Sting, Mariah Carey, Pat Metheny, Lou Reed, John Zorn and Eric Clapton.

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