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The Hideaway Studio

Who:Joe Mabbott

What:Studio Owner, Head Engineer

Where:Minneapolis, Minnesota

API Gear:lunchbox®, 500Vs, multiple 512c, 550b, 560 and 525 modules

From the Street:

"The first piece of gear I ever bought 12 years ago was a lunchbox. Now, we have three 10-space racks and a lunchbox full of 500 series gear, most of which is API. I love the quality of the API 550b EQs; the character and sound is definitely what I look for in drum EQs for sure, as well as in EQs for guitars and bass. There are only a few pieces of equipment in my studio that get used on every single mix I do, but it's a given that the 550b will be in the mix somewhere.

"For tracking, I love the 512 mic pres. Whether it be vocals, drums or guitars, they have a presence and punch that I've come to depend on for shaping the overall tone on the front end of the signal. The only thing I need now is a 2500 buss compressor, and life will be good!"

About The Hideaway Studio:

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, The Hideaway Studio was founded by Joe Mabbott in 2004 and quickly became a home for local, national and international musicians. With 17 years of experience in the recording business with post production and music production, Mabbott has worked with Hip Hop, Rock and Folk artists such as Atmosphere, Brother Ali, POS, Snoop Dog, Paddy O'Brien and The Matches.

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