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NewClear Studios

Who:Jeff Stachyra

What:Studio Owner, Engineer

Where:West Windsor, New York

API Gear:Multiple 512c, 560, 550b and 525 modules

From the Street:

"I was drawn to API gear for several reasons. Their reputation for being in world-class studios and on so many of my favorite albums but yet within reach of individual engineers via the lunchbox® is brilliant. It's amazing that it took so long for other manufacturers to recognize the power and beauty of the format.

"I use 512cs on every session. I initially bought them for their excellent transient response and mid-range clarity for use on drums, but I've grown to appreciate them on everything from vocals to acoustic instruments. My first experience with API gear was when I owned a live sound company and carried a rack of API 550s for the surgical work and 560s for their quickness in sculpting the sound. The 525 is my go-to compressor for bass and the ceiling control is truly ingenious."

About Jeff Stachyra and NewClear Studios:

Owner and engineer at NewClear Studios, Jeff Stachyra brings more than 30 years of experience recording all genres of music as well as sound effects and voiceovers. In 1992, Stachyra founded NewClear Studios and in 2003, quit his "day job" to record on a full-time basis. NewClear Studios now resides in a larger facility in West Windsor, New York, and has hosted acts such as New Riders of the Purple Sage, Gary Wilson, Commander Cody, Bill Carter & The Presbybop Quartet and the Binghamtom Madrigal Choir.

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Contact: 607-760-7600;

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