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Who:Zak Cohen

What:Studio Owner, Producer, Engineer, Musician

Where:Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

API Gear:2500, 5500 and two 3124+ modules

From the Street:

"From the first time I used a rented 3124+, I knew that API gear would have a full-time job here. While I bought my first API preamps to use primarily for drums, I soon discovered how versatile they were and they've since been used on just about everything imaginable. Whether used at low gain settings, or set to stun, they retain punch and clarity with that distinctive API flavor. The High-Z inputs are also fantastic and see a lot of use as well.

"The 2500 has become a 'pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-hands' piece for me. It finds itself working on nearly every mix I do in some way. Usually I use it on subgroups or the main mix, but I've recently been enjoying it on individual tracks, too. As with the 3124+, I love how it can be used in a subtle manner or slammed to bring attitude to tracks when needed. The tone section really opens the doors to so many possibilities.

"The 5500 is my most recent API purchase, and again, it's become a piece of gear that is in constant use here. No other EQ that I've owned has been able to match the low band on this box. It's absolutely amazing how much bass can be added to a source without it getting muddy or out of control—just big, clear, powerful tone. With the addition of the 'range' control, it also becomes a really useful EQ for the 2 bus."

About Zak Cohen and The Woodshop Studio:

Beginning as part-time producer and engineer in the early '90s as a musician, Zak Cohen opened The Woodshop Studio in 2000, becoming a full-time producer and engineer. The Woodshop Studio, which is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, has been visited by clients such as Art Napoleon, Valdy, Guf Morlix, The Haints, Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra and The Vancouver Island Symphony. In addition to offering services at their 1,200 square-foot facility, Cohen and the staff at The Woodshop Studio also offer on-site recording services.

More:; Facebook
Contact: (250) 746-4738; zak@

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