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Urchin Studios

Who:Dan Cox and Matt Ingram

What:Producers, Engineers, Studio Owners

Where:London, United Kingdom

API Gear:7600 and two 3124+ modules

From the Street:

"API mic pres lie at the heart of Urchin, and they're really part of the 'sonic signature' of our recording studio. When we opened in 2007, we inherited a bunch of gear from Strokes producer Gordon Raphael, including a single 3124+ unit and almost immediately fell for its warm yet open and highly musical tone. We soon resolved to expand our collection of API gear as quickly as possible.

"The 7600 is a fantastically versatile piece of equipment. The onboard 550A EQ can add punch and depth to everything from a kick drum to electric guitar, and the 228 compressor is ace in 'over-easy' mode for reigning in extreme dynamics without things getting too squashy."

About Urchin Studios:

Established in 2007 by Dan Cox and Matt Ingram, Urchin Studios has focused on recording live instruments, working mainly with bands and singer-songwriters. The facility functions under the mantra "put the needs of the musician first," and does not allow technicalities of recording to obstruct artists' abilities to perform. Past clients include Lianne La Havas, Three Trapped Tigers, Fyfe Dangerfield, Marques Toliver and The Red Krayola.

More:; Facebook; SoundCloud; YouTube
Contact: 0208 533 9325;; Twitter

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