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Who:Jon MacLennan

What:Studio Owner, Producer

Where:Hollywood, CA

API Gear:lunchbox®, 512C

From the Street:

"Overall it is an invaluable piece of gear I constantly look to deliver, and it does at the highest level. The other exciting concept is that the API is like a Fender Stratocaster. It is a timeless classic, and it has yet to go out of style. The tone is always warm and full with the API! It is like the last bit of spice added to a great meal, just enough to give it the right piece of character. I record constantly with the API pre in my home recording studio."

About Jon:

A professional educator, artist, composer and musician, Jon MacLennan's latest project channels his multi-faceted career to bring the first interactive guitar instructional iBook for iPad. MacLennan earned a B.A. in jazz guitar and has worked as a private guitar instructor for the Los Angeles Pierce College Department of Music. He's recorded with British singer Jamie Cullum, performed for Fox's "Raising Hope" and Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and his debut single "Fallin' Deeper" was featured on the soundtrack for the 20th Century Fox Film movie "Marley and Me II."

More:; Facebook; Tumblr; YouTube
Contact:; Twitter

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