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Richard Morris Mastering

Who:Richard Morris

What:Mastering Engineer

Where:Asbury Park, NJ

API Gear:API 5500 EQ, 2500 Stereo Compressor

From the Street:

"I use the API 5500 EQ and 2500 Stereo Compressor on nearly every mastering session. Their reliability and flexibility are unmatched, and in combination they are like an analog Swiss Army Knife!

"The 5500 caused a big stir in the mastering community when it first came out because it was the first API product to feature detented knobs in 1/2 dB increments. This provides the most subtle changes in the frequency spectrum and is absolutely perfect for mastering. Nothing feels better than clicking into just the right setting on the 5500. It's really the workhorse of my signal chain.

"The 2500 is hands down the most versatile 2 bus compressor available. Starting with the feedback and feed forward settings, it's literally like having two boxes in one. Then the flexibility of the compressor parameters allow for a wide range of approaches, from aggressive to suggestive. The EQ effects of the Tone section allow for very specific dialing-in on problem frequencies, and the precise controls in the Link circuitry provide the user with subtle and profound tools to adjust the stereo image."

About Richard:

Mastering engineer and musician Richard Morris has a passion for music and an active hand in all stages, from his seat at the mastering console to his place on stage. Morris began his career at Sterling Sound where he assisted in the production of albums by Iron and Wine, Norah Jones, Son Volt and Laura Cantrell. He then moved on to Masterdisk where he worked with the likes of The Wiyos, The Felice Brothers and The Kooks. With all that experience under his belt, Morris opened Richard Morris Mastering at Asbury Media. When not behind the board, Morris is playing. A member of the Brooklyn-based roots group M Shanghai, Morris is an avid guitar and mandolin player.

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