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Who:Joe 'Guido' Welsh

What:Studio Owner, Composer, Arranger, Producer, multi-instrumentalist and cook

Where:Brentwood Tennessee

API Gear:DSM 24, 2500 stereo compressors, 560 graphic EQs, 550b EQs, 3124 mic pres, 527 compressor/limiters and 4-500V's

From the Street:

"I got my DSM-24 mixing system about six years ago, quite unintentionally actually, and have been more than pleased with its fat and punchy sound. It is very contemporary as well, and I get great results every time. My product has improved so much with the DSM as my console.

"The 2500 is my go-to bus compressor and the API 500 series modules all sound fabulous, as ever. It is all I can do to keep from getting another 10 space rack and filling it up. I have been lucky enough to have a corporate client for 20 years that affords my owning this great system. I also have the luxury of recording whatever, whenever I want without the huge overhead of a day to day operation.

"With everyone using a computer these days the relatively small size of my API gear helps me pack a huge wallop in a small footprint. This is the best recording rig I have ever owned, and I don't know why other engineers here don't all own a similar system. I am very happy with this rig — I have 42 spaces of top notch audio gear in 13 rack spaces. Woof!"

About Joe Welsh and Guidotoons:

From his start in school where he played tuba, percussion, upright bass and guitar to playing in orchestras and stage bands, Joe Welsh has played a large number of instruments masterfully. He has also recorded such artists as Levon Helm and Garth Hudson of The Band, John Siegler, Roger Powell and Kevin Ellman from Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Garry Tallent of Springsteen's E Street Band, and many more. Additionally, Welsh is actively engaged in production with his band Thelonious Moog, and has recorded and produced several albums and solo works. His private studio, Guidotoons, is available for outside projects for those looking for a casual, laid-back, no-hype professional recording experience.

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Contact: 615.370.4615;; Twitter

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