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Sammy Merendino

Who:Sammy Merendino

What:Live and Session Drumming/Programming

Where:New York, NY

API Gear:1604 consoles, 512c, 550A, 550b, 525, VPR Rack


Born in Akron Ohio, Sammy started on drums at the age of twelve. Formal education combined with a relentless search for more challenging opportunities have continued to sharpen his drumming skills over the years, resulting in gigs and sessions with artists as diverse as Pat Metheny, Ziggy Marley, Sophie B. Hawkins, Anita Baker, and Joan Osborne, Cyndi Lauper and many others.

Currently residing in Harlem, Sammy's turn-of-the-century brownstone home features a state of the art recording studio.

From The Street:

"I'm really a huge fan of API. I've owned a few 1604's over the years. Right now I'm using two of API's VPR racks — one stuffed with 10 of the 512c mic preamps and the other with eight of the 550A's plus two of the 550b's, both of which make my drums absolutely slam. I also own a pair of 525 compressors. Very versatile units — I really love them on my snare, and I especially like the transparent nature of them on vocals.

"I pretty much run everything I record through my API stuff, because nothing else gives me that sound. Plus I know when I power up the rack, they are gonna work every time. Gotta love that!"

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