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Ceili Rain

Who:Bob Halligan, Jr.

What:Ceili Rain

Where:Syracuse, NY

API Gear:7600


900 songs written, 200 on internationally-released records. Over 30 million units sold, 11 gold or platinum records. Cable-Ace nomination for original song of the Year. Christian Rock Song of the Year 1989.

Artists: Cher, KISS, Michael Bolton, Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult, Ted Nugent, Joan Jett, Kathy Mattea, Moya Brennan, Guitar Shorty, The Guess Who, Humble Pie, Rebecca St James, Bob Carlisle, Jump 5, some guy named KOOLAH, and many others. Films: Iron Eagle, Light of Day, Wayne's World. Sang on records with Billy Joel, Michael McDonald, Felix Cavaliere, Darlene Love, Michael Bolton, Joan Jett, National jingles sung for Coca Cola, M&Ms, Folgers, Carefree Sugarless Gum, Miller Genuine.

From The Street:

"I have the API 7600 Channel strip, and there's a problem with it — I CAN'T SOUND BAD!!!! Everything is creamy and smooth, and I sound so good even being out of tune and out of time doesn't distract me from it!

"Honestly, I am now making records instead of demos, and I couldn't be more grateful. I've had 200 songs on internationally released records, and some of them had crappy demos and got lucky, but these new recordings are so much more apt to help the songs hit the intended targets... everything sounds rich and natural... I am not a tech dude, so can't really tell you WHY it's better or exactly what is different, but it all sounds like music to me, and that wasn't the case in the past.

"And I've found that people don't buy a CD or song because of its "specs," they buy cause it speaks to them, and with my new API unit I am speaking LOUD AND CLEAR!!!! Lastly, my reedy tenor doesn't sound thin anymore, so thanks for packing on the pounds!

"Many thanks, many blessings."

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