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Drowning Fish Studio

Who:C.J. Blair

What:Producer/Engineer/ Musician

Where:Philadelphia, PA

API Gear:A2D, Waves API Bundle

From the Street:

"I have always been interested in all aspects of music and its creation. Starting as a guitar player and drummer, I was always interested in recording my own bands so I sought out to do exactly that. After a humble beginning recording in my mother's garage, I built and operated my own facility alongside engineer and musician, Garry Dubay, (These Selfish Things) in Reno, NV. A few years later I was offered a temporary position at Ronnie's Place Studio in Nashville, TN and then moved to Philadelphia, PA shortly after, where I currently own and engineer at Drowning Fish Studio with my partner, Jason Dunkerly (Meredith Bell and The Kickbacks).

"I've worked in many studios around the country, on both sides of the glass. Everywhere I've worked, the 312 preamp is a must-have. When I was first introduced to it, I was hooked and had to get one for my own studio. I can honestly say it's the only piece of gear I use on every session. Any style, any genre. It has an insane amount of headroom, and to me, the perfect character. Aside from the sound quality, the build quality is phenomenal as well. There's a reason why API has such a great reputation in audio. It's comforting to know as an engineer, that every time I turn on the rack, I have a reliable and great sounding unit.

"It really shines on kick and snare. Very quick, and big sounding. Running guitars and bass through it just adds that excitement on the track that I'm always looking for. It is the key ingredient to any rock or pop tune. API is simply a must in my studio."

About Drowning Fish Studio:

Drowning Fish is a professional recording facility in Philadelphia, PA. They are equipped with the best of both analog and digital recording tools to capture the sound you're looking for. The goal of Drowning Fish is to provide musicians with a quality acoustical space along with accuracy and strong attention to detail when recording your project.

More:; Facebook
Contact: 615-739-3363;; Twitter

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