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UpRooted/ The Den Recorders

Who:UpRooted/ The Den Recorders

What:Band — Jonathan Lane (Emcee), Casey Goode (Lead vocals/Guitar), Chris Olson (Keys/Guitar), Eric Montgomery (Lead Guitar), Tim Lawrence (Bass), Andy Davis (Drums), Darian Cowgill (Producer/Engineer)

Where:Pasadena, CA

API Gear:500V rack, (2) 512c's

From the Street:

"I'm mostly an 'in-the-box' guy and because of this domain, having things so transparent as far as getting things into the box, these days I have to reach for color on the way in. Sorry, was that confusing? I just mean that my rig right now (like lots of others out there with killer AD/DA and clock and just overall amazing sample rates) can cause some audio sources to lose some of their character quickly and become sterile. Let's say, it's a little 'more lab coat'. This means that it's crucial to reach for color and character on the way in to the box even more so than ever before. Real transformers and caps and physical real estate laid out to handle audio with care, all of these add some really important things like smell, touch, taste, and yes 'color' to a signal path.

"I love hearing and using 512's on almost anything and the way that they stack together in the mix is awesome. Married with a pair of 550a's for some carve and a pair of 525's for some control? You're lined up through one of the most musical and fantastic sounding signal chains ever — and this makes a huge difference in the mix.

"Being a mixer that's 'in-the-box' most of the time, I use a bunch of plug-ins and of course I use API plugs, sometimes URS or WAVES and UAD as well. I'm not here to talk "shoot out" of them but it's awesome to know that API is signing off on some pretty amazing stuff. And I've also been known to run things back out and back through my 550's as well. Why? Because I can. What does it do? It makes it sound different, but shhhh don't tell anyone. I support what I love and when I find something that works for me, I drive it hard. So much so I ended up with this token of API on my arm."

About Uprooted/The Den Recorders:

Recording at the Den Recorders in Pasadena, CA, provides the artist with a recording experience where the environment is comfortable, a top notch facility, some of the best engineers in the business, and high quality product.

More: Studio,, Facebook; Band:, Facebook

Contact: Studio -, Studio, Twitter; Band, Twitter

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