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Who:Andrew Byrom

What:Mastering Engineer

Where:Minneapolis, MN

API Gear:2500 stereo compressor and 5500 dual equalizer

From the Street:

"Since the day I got the 5500, I have practically used it on every song. The ability to either subtly shape or drastically color the tone is what makes it so unique and fun to use. Sometimes I will use large boosts or cuts to zero in on the frequency, then simply adjust the range to cut that in half or quarter amounts, making it very quick and easy to commit to a db increment. A box that has its place in all areas of music production from tracking to mastering, the 5500 has definitely earned its place!

"The 2500 Compressor was my first compressor because I wanted to start out with a box that could do all types of reduction. The Old Feed Back tone is great for gluing a mix together, while the New Feed Forward tone along with the THRUST® circuit really make a hard, chest-hitting thump that could beat down a door. Aside from being a great master bus compressor, I absolutely love using it with guitar sub tracks. The flexibility of the 2500 is unprecedented!

"Together the API 5500 and 2500 make such a nice 'Je ne sais quoi' complement to any project. Needless to say I love them as if they were my own children and I am excited to see what the folks at API come up with next!"

About Andrew Byrom:

After graduation from The Institute of Production & Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andrew has been busy recording and mixing a plethora of artists from folk to metal to electronic. With a multitude of clients, both national and international, he always seems to have his work cut out for him. Over the last few years he has begun a natural transition into full time mastering for his love of sonic detail and perfection. Andrew is now currently in the process of relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area and getting his company, Rarefaction Mastering, underway.

More:; Facebook

Contact: 612-219-5580;

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