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Who:Mark "Mooka" Rennick

What:Owner, Founder and Engineer at Prairie Sun Recording, Prairie Sun Live and Eugene Recordings

Where:Sonoma County, Cotati, CA

API Gear:500V rack, 8 space lunchbox®, 1604 vintage sidecar with 312 pre amps, four 525 compressors, two 560 EQs, four 550A EQs, four vintage 554 EQs, two 550B EQs, a vintage 553 EQ, and a 2500 Stereo Compressor

From the Street:

"Years ago, I was working with Bryce Goggin (Phish, Trey Anastasio) and at the time I owned my first Neve 8026 mixing board previously owned by The Who. Bryce showed up with a pair of API 525 comp/limiters, one 560 and one 550A eq and he looked me in the eye and said 'Hey Mooka, you have this Neve mixing board, now do you want something that is really mean, raw and dangerous?' I left this session blown away! I have found almost no comparison for the attack, punch and fidelity that API has provided our clients. Drums and guitar come to mind as great recipients of the classic, great headroom sonic character of the API. Though often imitated, never close to the real product."

About Prairie Sun:

"After a few years of working out of my house, I moved to a 13 acre farm in Sonoma County and began building Prairie Sun, one room at a time. 37 years later, I have built a unique recording environment that has attracted some very exciting artists and engineers. My recording experience has been to honor the song and the artist first; to be as user friendly and accommodating to the process as possible, to have my head in the real world and have our audio stand up to the highest standards. I have always done my best to stay current with industry standards and having API has been a big part of that. Prairie Sun has been dedicated to the art of studio recording for over 37 years and has recently entered the world of live sound with our new company Prairie Sun Live."

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