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Who:Julian Dreyer

What:Chief Engineer

Where:Asheville, NC

API Gear:API 3216 console with four 565 compressors onboard, four API 550b EQ's, API 3124+ quad mic pre, and an API 2500 compressor

From the Street:

"I have worked at this studio for 6 and 1/2 years. I have done a lot of assisting, lead engineering and some production. I have worked extensively on our API console, many times recording to a tape machine. The quality of the audio recorded through it is top notch. It has nice subtle color and with the advent of the 500 Series market it has the potential for huge flexibility. It is great sounding... adding nice color but not getting in the way of the source. It has lots of flexible routing options and by having a 24 channel monitor section you can still do tape sessions the way they ought to be done. It works great for both modern and retro recording styles.

"The API 2500 is always my first choice for a stereo buss compressor. It is so versatile and can adapt to whatever style of music I run through it."

About Echo Mountain Recording:

Besides the great gear, awesome rooms and the excellent staff, one of Echo Mountain's biggest selling points is the town of Asheville. In its beautiful mountain setting, Asheville is blessed with great restaurants and bars, lots of unique shops and a super artist friendly atmosphere. The studio is located right in the heart of it and also offers housing accommodations for clients a few minutes away. One of the most often made comments about the studio by clients is how warm and inviting the studio and staff are. They say how impressive the spaces are in person but have all of the comfort needed to be creative.

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Contact: Contact: 828-232-4314;

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