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Who:John W. Tuggle


Where:Decatur, GA


From the Street:

"Getting good guitar tones is not really that difficult. Getting GREAT guitar tones can be. I have found the API A2D the ultimate tool for recording guitars. The 2:1 switch is great for really getting a fat clean tone. Having access to this button combined with the converter level gives me so many choices for sculpting the ultimate guitar tone.

"The API preamps have a nice midrange to them that adds to the fullness of a guitar sound. Lately I've been using the API A2D with an AEA R84 combined with a 57 or sometimes an AT 4021. The sounds I have been able to achieve have been nothing short of stellar!

"To me, the A2D is the perfect electric guitar recording tool. Its versatility can be used to achieve any sound that is in your head. This is exactly what anyone would need. Also works killer on Dobro."

About Learning Guitar Now:

John Tuggle started Learning Guitar Now in 2008 and since then, the videos and backing tracks he has recorded have been viewed over 10,000,000 times. He has also been featured on for his lessons.

More:; Facebook and YouTube
Contact: Twitter

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