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Who:drewBANG Music Production

What:Assistant Engineer/ Producer

Where:East London

API Gear:512c, 550b and 525 modules

From the Street:

"The API 512c is an incredibly versatile Pre-Amp, it's currently my 'go-to' mic pre. You know that sound? The one that you have in your head! The tight defined lows, perfectly balanced upper mids and crystal clear top end! You know the sound you want but can't put into non-clichéd words? That's what the 512c sounds like, it just works, every time!

"Since working through studios that had API gear installed, I've experimented a lot with "AB-ing" against other units. I must say I'm now a true convert! API are able to deliver incredibly versatile and musical sounding circuitry at great prices AND keep it small enough to carry with you on location.

"Now if they could just add a slot for my sandwiches..."

About drewBANG:

drewBANG is a freelance producer based out of Hackney, East London who specializes in rock and pop sessions as well as post production and EDM tracks. He has worked as a Mix Engineer for X-FM London, written articles for Sound on Sound Magazine and proudly volunteers as an Administrator for the Music Producers Guild (UK) and MPG Awards. He has assisted in the works of Plan B, James Arthur, Klaxons, Jolin Tsai (China) and REDNEK.

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