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Who:Ron DiSilvestro

What:Lead Engineer

Where:Oreland, Pennsylvania

API Gear:1608, 3124+, 550A, 550b, 560

From the Street:

"I love the transparency of the preamps. They provide a tremendous amount of headroom, clarity and depth, and when coupled with the 550A, 550b and 560 EQs, I can mold, shape and create any sound that I want with ease.

"I use a hybrid of mixing techniques, and both the digital and analog realm for expanded flexibility in the mix process. The 1608's ease of use and routing capabilities allow me to take any mix out of the box and bring it to life by using the console, aux and summing busses. An instant upgrade to any mix, and it's always amazing to watch our clients' reactions when they hear the mix for the first time. They are simply blown away by the incredible tone and accuracy, and the subtleties that are captured."

About Forge Recording:

Forge Recording is the major player in the Philadelphia area professional audio and video production market since the late 1970's. Featuring a Walter-Storyk designed complex which houses various top-notch control rooms and production studios — along with isolation rooms, a video suite and ample amenities for its steady flow of clients — Forge Recording is equally at home recording and producing classical, rock, metal, pop or any other genre.

More:; Facebook; YouTube
Contact: 215.885.7000;; Twitter

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